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:: Friday, September 26, 2003 ::

On Yahoo Groups ban and the blah blah around it...

Allow me to emphasize my view - National security comes first.

The Government of India decided to block a small extremist group's website registered with Yahoo groups a few days back. Since then, there is quite a bit of noise around it. Most of the news websites published this news and also tried to open some debate on the action. And a good number of people seem to question the action.

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with the action taken by the government. Most of the media forgot to report the fact that GoI requested Yahoo to disable this group before taking the action(Thanks to rediff for this info). And only when Yahoo did not agree to do it, the blocking directive was sent out. But note that the ban order was for a small group and not the entire website. It is unfortunate that all Yahoo groups ended up facing the wrath but then, that's how most of the ISP softwares work.

I do believe firmly that national security is not compromisable and is much more important than freedom of (extremist)expression. One can't just go around spreading evil messages and get away scot free, and Yahoo must be punished for going easy on it. Also remember that the group in question is a legally banned one. Consider this - would Yahoo take such a callous attitude had the request come from the US government? Obviously not. But some pseudo-intellectuals who talk big about the freedom of expression don't seem to think so. I ask them, what would happen to our nation if every extremist is allowed to conduct rallies(like our politicians) and make infalmmatory speaches on the television and ask people to pick up rifles or explosives in their hand? As if the effects of extremism in India is not enough right now. Unfortunately, such talks of crap-intellect has become fashionable in our country. I ask these people to go fill up some common sense in their rotten brains instead of using big words. I ask these people if they love to see more of their fellow countrymen dying in Kashmir, North East or Mumbai in the hands of some brainwashed people who have know humane feelings or whatever.

We can always live without a Yahoo that does not care about well being of a nation. But we must do away with anti-national elements that don't do any good to us.

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