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:: Thursday, August 07, 2003 ::

While starting from home today morning, I decided to change the tape I had been listening to for more than a week or so. Just like driving without music is not much fun, listening to same thing for a long time is also no good. While going thru an ocean of cassttes deciding what to choose(decisions!), I saw a tape of Osho's preachings lying unattended. I recalled that it was (more or less) thrusted to me from a friend who said it is worth listening, but had never even played it once to see what is in it. Today, curiosity made me pick it up. I did not even notice what was the topic covered by this particular tape.

I inserted the tape and started listening to it. Osho's voice was coming out very slow, only a little faster than Ataljee and immediately I figured out it would be difficult to concentrate due to lack of quick flow of the message. My mind was consciously working to listen to the tape but it rarely worked -

Osho's voice: "...freedom and love. They are of no value when one attempts to find one and not the other. They must co-exist and one is never complete in the absence of the other. Freedom without love is lonelyness. Love without freedom causes possessiveness and leads to bondage..."

Me: ...When will our people learn how to drive. Especially these autowallas. They can't get any more rude. There is so little space and he is trying to squeeze into it...
...yes Osho seems to be speaking some sense, but I don't think that is completely correct view. Why should he speak low about a sect of people and condemn their views...
...God! please give that stupid person some sanity. Is there no limit to honking. What is he gaining out of that anyway. If he expects the road to clear suddenly as he honks, dream on...

And so it went and I had reached my destination. I was glad to see there was still some parking space left for me. And when I was getting out, I suddenly realized that the Osho tape had pretty much served the same purpose as playing music! Nothing more, nothing less!

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