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:: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 ::

Located in the Sahyadri ranges of Karnataka, Agumbe is one of the most beautiful locations I have seen ever. If you love tropical rains, you must visit this place.

The picture was taken sometime in August last year. While rest of the country was drought ridden, there seemed to be absolutely no effect of it here. We hardly got to see sun in the two days we had camped there. It was foggy most of the time and every place you could see was completely wet all the time. It rained on and off most of the time and if you want to go out, there was no question of coming back dry. Most of the time of the day we spent there, we were totally drenched. And when we were not out, we could still draw the pleasure of watching the constant hum of the rain, water falling from the leaves, and the misty and beautiful day.

The other thing that looked tempting is driving on the roads there in the rains. But unfortunately we had gone there in a bus and hence were voided of that pleasure. The roads are curvy and most of the time you would be driving by the forest on a road that is going uphill or downhill. Visiblity is limited to anything like 50 meters and you have to drive with the lights on. Nevertheless, decent roads and good traffic ensure that you can cruise at a reasonable speed. The misty weather is an absolute joy to drive on.

The waterfall in the picture, called Abbey waterfall, is around 4kms walk offroad in the forest. We approach the waterfall from the top of it and the view of the gorge something unforgettable. A beautiful waterfall, it's roar combined with the 'tup-tup' of the steady drizzle, spectcular greenery of a valley below, pleasure of watching the water falling down by leaning over the cliff, and watching some huge butteflies bigger than a palm land right on our shoulders was more than we could ask for.

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