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:: Friday, April 25, 2003 ::


This picture was taken from the top of Perumal Malai hill in Kodaikanal. The hill is around 7200feet high and took us three hours to climb. We started around 10 in the morning and arrived around 1pm - just the right time to unpack for lunch. Being the highest peak around, the hill offers a great view in all the directions. The best thing about climbing to the peak is in experiencing the cool wind in the hot weather.

Editing this picture turned out to be a major problem. The binary image, when loaded on IE was not showing the true colors and looked dull unlike the print. So I worked on it to change the color balance and contrast but never managed to get anything close to the actual image.

The clip below shows how parts of a picture could appear as interesting or more interesting than the picture itself. See that this hill appears on the mid left hand side of the photo above. I changed the tones of colors to give some cooling effect(blue) to the picture. Note the difference in tones of the two pictures, which shows why the colors in the original is not very right.

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