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:: Wednesday, March 26, 2003 ::


Anything that is worth appreciating must be appreciated.

And this one goes to Maruti, and its service network.

It happened one day when I was travelling somewhere far south, and was returning to Bangalore. We still had 350kms to cover when an old minor problem resurfaced. While it should not have caused any major problem for us for a short distance, we had to get it repaired as early as possible. And we had just left a big town behind us a few kilometers before. We had to decide whether to go back 5kms to the town or continue on the road till we find the next town around 60kms away. We decided on the later since it was not a major fault. So we continued on the road, hoping to find a Maruti Service Center somewhere. And surprise! We had to travel hardly 2 minutes and there was a Maruti Authorized server center. I silently patted myself for having decided to buy a Maruti make. Infact, one big criteria while I was looking for a car was that it must be a Maruti other than M800. And that sure was a good idea.

Our experience in the service station was also pretty good. People there were very friendly and helpful. As soon as we drove in, we were given a warm welcome, and someone offered us coffee. And it so turned out that they were running a free check-up camp and we were offered the same. But we obviously declined since we had a long way to travel. As soon as they were briefed about the problem, a couple of people jumped into the car and started working on it. Within 10 minutes, we had the car back in shape and ready to go. Add to that, they did not even take any money for that! When we asked how much is the bill, all that we were told was "It's fine sir, that was only a small job". I must say that was really nice of them. I have seen this attitude with Maruti service stations before, but rarely anywhere else. Thanks you Maruti, for all that! I wish I could mention the name of that service station here but unfortunately, I don't remember it.

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