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:: Monday, March 31, 2003 ::


So the much talked about second part of the trilogy is out. Eager as I was to see it, I did. And I came out not very impressed.

The movie starts with the past - an absolutely splendid picturization of Gandalf's conflict with the giant in the abyss of the mines of Moria. The small one minute sequence is good enough to blow you off the seat and you will be totally impressed, and will be looking forward to many more such scenes to come in the movie. But unfortunately the movie does not live upto its fame. Although it is a good movie and a nice entertainer to watch(especially if you have read the book), it does not seem to have the glory that it has been bathed with in the movie reviews. The battle of the Helm's Deep is big and extravagant but fails to make a distinct mark. And so are many more scenes. But you will definitely notice some great landscapes of Newzealand shown all along the movie. In the characters, Gollum has been well made but Ents are not. Orcs have come out well but Elves don't make any impact(Should it not have been the other way round?). Gandalf and Shadofax are impressive. The people of Rohan, and many others can pass as characters of any other movie.

The movie is worth a watch for people who have read LOTR. If you don't know LOTR means Lord Of the Rings, or if you haven't bothered to get hold of the book, it is a good idea not to watch the movie too. Especially so because you might get lost and confused in many occasions.

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