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:: Monday, March 31, 2003 ::


An interesting day with checking out new blogs, and browser shortfalls...

  • I saw this link for the blog instapundit.com somewhere and clicked on it.

  • The site had a now common 'support this site' link; via paypal and amazon.

  • This was the first time I was visiting instapundit, and had never left any kind of details related to me anytime before

  • I was psyched to see the message - 'Hi Arun Bhat, donate via Amazon.....' and wondered how this guy extracted any info on me anytime before

  • Naturally, as I would always do, I open the page source

  • I see the page is reading cookies that were set by Amazon

  • I open the security(IE), see if I can configure something. You can only enable or disable cookies. Netscape had a system where you could allow only those cookies that send info back to the server that sets it(Not Amazon's cookies getting read by instapundit). There was no such option here. So I think of switching my browser(once again) to Mozilla but even they don't support this config.

  • I think of downloading Netscape 7. But decide otherwise because it is not worth the effort. What if N7 also does not have the support? Besides, netscape is no longer in my list of usable browsers. I held on to N4.7 for a long time after the world had accepted IE. But after N6.0, no netscape for me. And anyway I am not loosing anything major with this setup(Not necessarily true, if some stupid website happens to store your credit card num or password as a cookie readable by any one...)

  • I am back to what I was doing, blog hopping...

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