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:: Saturday, March 22, 2003 ::


The funny and foolish attempts of Americans to try to remove 'french' from french fries and many more silly acts is now an old joke that has been laughed at many times over. Thoughtless and shortsighted as ever, Americans don't seem to realize that any retribution from the French is going to hurt their brands much more badly. Kamat made a list of some French and British brands, in case you want to boycott them, though he did not get all the brands and the associated countries right. I am trying to continue on that thread to list the American brands(in case you want to boycott them).

  • Coca Cola, Pepsi

  • Microsoft

  • CNN(long since I have stopped watching it. I want real news you see, not something tweeked)

  • General Motors. They sell cars with Opel and Chevrolet brand names in India; Ford

  • GE

  • HP, Dell, IBM, Intel, Apple, Sun Microsystems

  • Pizza hut, McDonalds, KFC

  • Citibank, American Express

  • Gillette

  • Kodak


  • Xerox

  • Levi's

  • Boeing

  • Proctor & Gamble

Taking another look at the list, I realized that each of them can be easily reaplaced by an Indian or Asian brands without any kind of inconvenience, except for the soft drink brands. And it could be a bit difficult but possible, to replace Microsoft with a Linux vendor. Personally, the only brand that I find tough to get rid of is - you can't easily guess it - HBO!

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