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:: Wednesday, February 05, 2003 ::

Sometimes I wonder how people manage to sell something in a shop without even knowing what they are selling. A small conversation between me and a vendor at a computer shop:

Me: Namaskara
Vendor: Namaskara sir! What can I give you?
Me: I need some CDs
Vendor: What CDs shall I give? I have this and that and those blah blah...
Me: Give me Mitsubishi ones. Last time I had taken them.
They have a sleek case.
Vednor: Yes, I have Mitsubishi CDs. I have two types in that
brand - Blue and Gold
Me: How much?
Vendor: Gold is Rs.22; Blue is 20 bucks.
Me: What is special about Gold?
Vendor: It is Gold CD sir! Twenteee two rupees.
This one is a Gold CD. That is blue CD!

Since 2 more rupees was not a big deal, I was considering buying the Gold one if it had any better features. But it was apparent from what he said, that he had little knowledge about what was the big deal about the Gold one. Finally I decided to discover the difference myself and tried to study the features from the pack. Nothing was obvious. So I decided to take the blue.

Me: Okay, give me the blue ones. I want 5 CDs

And that closed the sale. The vendor did not even try a bit of marketing to convince me why I should go for the expensive ones. That set him back from making a sale of 10 more rupees(5*2) from me. Probably he must be missing a lot of sales everyday on many things like this. Why don't he just do a bit of homework and go home everyday a little more richer than he could be? At least for curiosity's sake, he should have asked the Mitsubishi guys about the gold CDs. Well, very content with what he has and what he gets, I guess.:-)

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