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:: Friday, January 24, 2003 ::

At work, I moved into a place near a window yesteday. I used to sit in this place around a year back when I had written a post about my seat. I felt like writing similar stuff today. Lazy as I am, instead of writing, I am reproducing the same old post dated Feb 25, 2002. ;-) Here it is:


Clarifications first: I did not say Joy of Work.

I sit next to a glass wall. And beyond the wall, stretching close to it is a jackfruit tree, now full of fat bubbles of jackfruit hanging from its stem. The jackfruit tree has some visitors coming in and going everyday and some of them probably even live there. I presume the glasses ensure that the visitors don't get to see us working in the building, but we can see them.

Today morning, first it was that beautiful rare white pigeon that lives in our building(I think) that decided to relax on the tree for some time. As we watched it play around for some time and fly off, soon followed a band of monkeys! One of them pulled out a big jackfruit and started its lunch right away. It took its own time to finish part of the fruit, and when done, decided to drop the remaining down. What came next were a pair of pigeons, which did some walking around in the tree and then took their way. Then there was some peace around the tree. After some time it was a squirrel who was looking around for some thing to eat. He looked around a big jackfruit but finally found some edibles that matched his size. With a full stomach, he decided to take take a sunbath, sitting on the top of the jackfruit, posing like a Maharaja. A little later when another pal arrived, they decided to do some acrobatics around the tree and give us some entertainment. The stream of visitors in the morning ended by that.

Squirrels arrive on the tree almost regularly, but the other visitors are a bit rare. Sometimes there are even crows that bang right into the glass wall and threaten to break down the glasses. With the arrival of fruits on the tree, there are more visitors and they come back more often. And we have more fun.

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