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:: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 ::

Travelling ambitions

My old list of places to go all around the world resurfaced when I was watching this movie Insomnia yesterday. The movie has some amazing shots from Alaska. I often prefer to take the road less travelled than to hang around in the cities. Here goes the list:

Alaska: Got introduced to the beauty of the place for the first time 3-4 years back when the movie 'The Edge' was relesaed. I then thought I should visit the place but never knew I would get a chance so soon. Despite having been there during May/June this year, I want to go back and explore the place. See: pictures of Alaska.

Want to be there for: Around 3 months.

The Himalayas: Not much needs to be said about them. I have never travelled northwards so far. These mountain ranges are my childhood fascination. There are so many beautiful places to explore.

Want to be there for: A year or so!

NYC: The greatest city in the world, at least according to me. Want to be there for Christmas, shop in 5th Avenue, do some ice skating and enjoy the nicety filled in the december air. Want to go up the tallest of the tall buildings and enjoy the breeze, swim in the hudson and a lot more. Even walking in busy sidewalks of this city should feel great. This is one dream easily realizable. All I have to do is make up my mind(The tough part. :-) ).

Want to be there for: 3-4 weeks.

Brazil: A place I always dreamed to go. To explore the spelndours of the Amazon's rain forests and travel around the great river. Whenever I see these places in TV, I feel that I just have to be there. And I better make it fast, before they destroy everything out there. And ofcourse, there is also Rio.

Want to be there for: 3 months

New Guinea: Why in the world, would you wonder. This is probably the only place in the world yet where you can see forests so far untouched by man but still accesible. And here is where treepeople happen to exist beyond fantom comics!! Some of the tribes are known to spend more time on trees than land. They build huts on the top of very tall evergreen trees(!) and find a good part of their food in the trees.

Want to be there for: not for long. :-)

Kenya, Zimbabwa: Zimbabwe came in the list mostly because of the greatest of the great Victoria waterfall that spans to a width of few miles(!). If you have seen it in NGC or somewhere, you can't resist wanting to be there. Kenya, ofcourse for its now famous safaries, although I would prefer to make my journey much better than those safaries where the tours are very superficial.

Want to be there for: a month

Antartica! I am a little too curious about this part of the world. Want to go there during the months when there is light. They say air is so clear in this part of the world that a mountain 80kms far appears like 5kms away. Would want to say hello to the penguins too.

Austria/Switzerland: Wanna skeeeee. And want to see the alps.

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