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:: Friday, November 22, 2002 ::

Sundries and fillers

There wasn't much to write for a week or so. After a good 3 days weekend, coming back to work on Tuesday was no fun. Add to that was a really bad Tuesday where nothing went by the plan and I was sitting with shit loads of work to finish. Very unsual of me, most of the week I ended up at workplace for around 2 hours beyond the closure time. Fortunately the streak seams to have ended and things are limping back to normalcy. And in time for the weekend. Have been reading Lord of the Rings in the evenings and Tolkein magic seems to be on me now. Very difficult to put down the book. I am glad it spans over 1000 pages so the book can be enjoyed for a long time. :-)

I got myself a pair of glasses 2 days back! The anti-glare kind that helps you save your eyes form the clutches of the comp monitor and also for night drives, not the ones for vision problems. Was surprised how irritating they can be to wear. I hope I get used to it and not abandon it, at least for the 2 grands+ I paid for it. Am imagining myself like one of those geeks in hollywood movies with fat glasses, always glued to a stupid comp and muttering some strange nonsense that no one understands. ;-) Sucks full time. lol.

Well, the weekend is 'round the bend and we have a blogger's meet scheduled for Sunday. Have a good time fellas...

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