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:: Monday, November 25, 2002 ::

So it was the much anticipated day of the Bangalore blogger's meet last Sunday. There weren't any pressmen around to cover the meet so we had some good time without any one troubling us important people. ;-)

The meet was planned at Cafe Coffee Day in Bombay Store. The place was suggested by smart guy Harris, for it was pretty close to his house. Had we known this before there was no way we could agree on the venue. ;-) I walked into MG Road a little early as I had to shop for some films and filters. A camera in my hand was supposed to be identifier for all of us. Got stuck with a couple of friends there when Harris bumped into me on MGRoad. We both walked into Bombay Store at almost precisely 6pm(planned time) and started waiting for others. We waited and waited for nearly 30 minutes and no one seemed turned up. Ayesha had mentioned that she is going to be a bit late but what abt others? We decided to walk a bit hunting for people only to figure out that rest of the guys were standing only a few yards away! A few minutes later, Ayesha walked in and we were on our way to coffee day.

The conversation started about how we got into blogging, whom do we all visit and such things. Besides the Bangalore bloggers around, the conversation also rolled into starry Sukanya, Tania, Tesh and many more. Everyone felt it is the comments that give kicks for the blog. We went on to know more about each of us, who-does-what who's-from-where and all. (Godly)Suresh and Anand seemed to have some invisible chain linked to them. It was nice to hear they were born at the same place, studied together, now working together and finally blogging together! They would even say if you want to reach one of us, you can call the other person! :-) Like it is journalists in Bombay, it seemed to be what else but techies all the way in the blogging community of Bangalore. Ayesha would say "I am not techie" but I certify that she is. :-) But unlike the normal projections of a typical techie, everyone seemed to have a great sense of humor and we were yapping and laughing non-stop all the way. After a couple of photos and some coffee, Sathish had to leave to attend the call of Sooraj. After yapping a while, we moved on to India Coffee House for some munch. We would have kept yapping for much longer but the Coffee House guys seemed to be ready to throw us out if we would not get going. So finally we moved out, got a few more pics in Barton Center and ended our 2 and a half hours long meet. Everyone had a great time, though the session was only named as ice-breaker. We plan to meet again, soon.

Participants: Anand, Ayesha,Harris,Rajendra, Satish, Suresh and me . We could not intimate Sumeet on time. Karthik was not able to make it and Prabu slipped his promise. 2 of the pictures will be out tomorrow evening and rest will have to wait for sometime.

And oh! Can't help a bit of bragging, everyone seemed to like my photos. Thanks people, for those encouraging words! :-)

More reports so far: Ayesha,Harris

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