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:: Friday, November 15, 2002 ::

Of life and such matters...

A few days back, when sitting around and brooding about my own life in past, futue, my destiny, desires and ambitions, the things I hate about life, things that I would love to do and many such things, I kinda realized that more often than not, I let things happen than I do things myself. I also figured out that there is a strange 'lack' of things that I can't really define well and that this feeling is not new. There is also a feel of uncertainity, feel of absence of perfectly defined destiny and fear of loosing out lot of things in life. Occassionally, I even face depression cycles based on this. I tried to go searching for answers to this question. I tried recollecting things from many a lot books that I have read, tried to observe people around me, and did a lot of thinking on this. I figured out I was not alone and this is not something very new. I did not really find a clear answer to my questions, but at the end, I finally ended up coining a term for this state of mind: I called it 'pre-midlife crisis', based on the well known 'midlife crisis'. I think most of you ppl know what I mean here... ;-)

Today, to make a few more checks and learn more of it, I Googled on this term to check if 'pre-midlife crisis' is a novel term or someone has already researched this. Google, trustable as ever, gave me some relevant infor. I was happy to see that it is an existing term, though not as popularly known, like the 'midlife crisis'(pat, pat budding psychologist ;-) ). There is also a parallel term 'Quarterlife crisis'. It seems there is even a book on this: "Quarterlife Crisis: The Unique Challenges of Life in Your Twenties", written by some 'Alexandra Robbins and Abby Wilner'. Read reviews of the same in Amazon, and also figured out that firstandsecond is selling this book. I am off to buy the book. Will tell ya more when I complete reading it... :-)

Also: An old post of partial relevance, dated Feb 18, 2002(Please don't leave any comments there, instead drop them here)

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