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:: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 ::


That's probably the best way to describe a Bungeeeee jump. I went for one last Thursday. The tower was 120ft high, that's almost 10 floors of a building. For long time I wanted to do this, but the first time when they were here in the city, I was in college and found it too expensive and un-affordable. The next time around, I did not go for no specific reasons. I finally managed it this time, for good.

When we walked into the venue and saw people dropping down from the tower, it did not look all that easy. But seeing them only seemed to increase the desire to challenge gravity. After the first big free fall, the flexible rope would again drag the person up and you keep swinging in the air for a few more times. The fun seemed to last pretty long. We registered for the jump and had a fairly long wait for our turn. It was fun to watch a good many people take the jump, some people screaming all the way down. I wasn't really feeling all that confident but it wasn't scary either.

When my turn came, I started climbing the stairs to the tower. It took 4 and a half minutes to reach the top. It did not look all that high from the top, but definitely pretty high for a free fall. Once I get up there on the tower, there will be around 10 more minutes of waiting until the remaining people on the tower finish their turn. During this time you can get a close look at people jumping and also have a good idea about the height and the fall. The moment of real decision comes in when your turn comes you are called in to jump. The instructor does not tell you much. All he does is tie you up to the rope and say, just go to the platform and fall down freely. It does not sound as easy as it looks. When you step onto the open diving platform, you know that you don't trust any of these guys. You know you don't trust the rope to hold you back when you are falling. You know you don't want to fall at all but just get back and run. But you also know that the longer you wait, the feeling grows on you and more difficult it is. So you let go of yourself quickly and just fall down..... And that is the moment...... you are not sure what is happening but you know everything is wrong around you and you are falling really really really fast..... there is nothing in your control.... it is an amazing feeling. But before you know, you are at the bottom and the rope is pulling you back. During the next couple of swings of the rope, you would be on complete control and things look normal. It is all over in a matter of few seconds and slowly you are back where you left from: sturdy and solid and trustable ground. Sigh! It was great while it lasted. But got over too soon.....

I would want to take another jump sometime, but I think I need at least double the height. And I sorely missed my camera that day.

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