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:: Monday, September 30, 2002 ::

Sun Set

Teshu wrote this comment on my previous post:

"Arun, I think the best views of sunset, sunrise, stars and moon are always in hill stations. I studied in Kodaikanal, and trust me there were wonderful views of fog and moonlight almost on a daily basis. "

Indeed, places of high altitude give the bast view of sunset. You will be sure to find that beautiful golden yellow tinge of Sun more often there than anywhere else. And the hills in the surrounding, occasional mild fogs add to the beauty of it. Not constrained, I would spend rest of my life in hill stations watching and photographing sunsets. ;-)

Othere than hill stations, sun set is at its best at sea shores and places at northern part of the world. I am fortunate to be living close to the west coast of India and having seen many sunsets in the Arabian sea. Early winters, sometimes even the smoky polluted skies of Bangalore are painted deep red and yellow with cloud linings working to create wonderful patterns in the sky. The best sunset I have seen so far happened when we were driving by the beaches of California's 'highway One' last winter. The road is amazing by itself, with rows of hills on one side and sea shore immediately on the other side. Just when the sun was about to set, we noticed a jet flying in the west, and the silver lines emitted by the plane shown brightly in the golden yellow sky. And the plane was flying in a direction such that it appeared to be approaching the sun, as if planning to collide with it. Never before have I seen such a beautiful and picturusque end of the day.
One more place worth a mention is Alaska. Though I was there in peak summer, when sunsets are not at its best, it was beautful to see sun going behind the icy mountains. Here is a picture republished from my archives, taken as late as around 10pm. That's around when sun set happens there suring summers.

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