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:: Monday, September 23, 2002 ::


People are at it again. Google's features are being used to fool around and now, it is the turn of Microsoft to be the victim.

Go to Google, key in "Go to Hell" (quotes inclusive) and press 'I am feeling lucky' button and you are lead to microsoft's home page. Chances are you have already got one of the emails floating around on this. The reason for this to happen is simple and well known: Some one has linked to MS home page like this:

<a href="http://www.microsoft.com">Go to hell</a>

and one of Google's features now ensures that if you look for 'Go to hell', microsoft.com is one of the result pages. And since this link seems to be pretty popular, microsoft.com is coming as the first result when you search for this pattern. It is highly likely that this is a collective effort.

For people who have used advanced search in Google: I tried to find the people who are playing this prank. The method I employed is to look for that pattern { link:microsoft.com "go to hell" } (no flower brackets) in Google. I assume this translates to 'gimme the list of sites having text "go to hell" that link to microsoft.com'. But it does not seem to give desired results. Anyone knows a better way?

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