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:: Thursday, August 08, 2002 ::

Butterfly Bonanza

Two weeks back we went around looking for a place to take pictures. Dave and Sid and some more people decided that we go to Hiryur lake area on the suburbs of Bangalore. The plan was to shoot birds in the lake and also look out for sunset and try for some good landscape pictures.

As we headed for the lake, the sky was beginning to get cloudy. It also drizzled a bit on the way and Sid who was slow on the road was caught by the rain. So taking pictures of sunset was out of question but we continued to our rendezvous anyway. Like ever, birds were very elusive. There were a plenty of them at the lake but were too apprehensive about our presence there. They ensured that they stay far enough from us that my 300mm lens can no way focus any of them.

After struggling around for a bit, Dave decided to look for better places and headed towards the green nearby. And that's where he found this amazing place. There was a huge colony of butterflies sitting in the trees nearby. They were so much in numbers that you could probably mistake them for leaves on the tree. That was a real bonanza for us, having never before seen so many of them at the one place. We did face some problems shooting them because it was already getting late and there was not much light. We anyway went ahead and shot some pics and were hoping that they come well. At the end, we got some pics which would just be proof of what we saw and nothing more than that. Most of the pics would easily show how amateur we were. Here is one of them, probably the best that I was able to get.

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