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:: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 ::

Scribbles of a mean mind

My friend Mandar mailed me this editorial in times of India online edition about the finals match against England. I can't believe how sick a person the writer of this article is. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"When man-of-the-match Mohammad Kaif and Zaheer Khan — Hindutva brigade, please note — scampered a quick two, they gave India its first tournament victory since July 1998. "

I don't have to really say much about how stupid these lines are or how dirty this person would be to write something like this. Why should anyone bring in a Hindutva brigade into a nice and memorable cricket match? I have not come across a single person so far who was bothered about the religious background of these players, except this writer. And it is because of people like this writer who write meaningless stuff that a separatist feeling comes in the minds of people.

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