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:: Sunday, June 16, 2002 ::

It feels good....

Ah! It feels good to be in India again. I guess the best part of going far away is coming back. On the way back from Singapore to Bangalore, I could feel the joy of coming home and just could not wait to land and get out of the airport. The journey appeared to be eternal and looked like it will never end....

What I immediately noticed after boarding the Singapore Airlines flight to Singapore from San Francisco via Seoul was that the plane was crowded and filled to the last seat. There seemed to be still more people who are on their way to Korea to catch up with the world's largest sporting event. But the In-cheon airport at Seoul was completely haunted. There were hardly any people but for people who were arriving... Everyone was probably glued to the football matches at their homes or the stadiums. The flight out of Seoul to Singapore was indeed fairly empty. I recalled the coverage for soccer world cup in US and could not help laughing. They are more busy worrying why the country feels left out from one of the greatest event on earth and how it can be popularoized, rather than actually covering the event itself. The only times the news channels talked a few seconds about worldcup is when US would manage to win against a rival.

After a long wait at Singapore airport for the flight home, finally took a bumpy ride back to Bangalore. Bad weather and the plane were fighting all the way and the vibrations seemed to cause a bit of concern to some people in the plane. Indeed, it felt very good to touch down at Bangalore airport. It is great to be back, to look around and see a familiar environment, meet good old people and beyond everything, some room to stretch and be the way I feel like...

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