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:: Saturday, January 19, 2002 ::


Last week was a very dry period. I hardly found any topic to write. So two days back, I decided to continue writing on the Indo-Pak update, though I wasn't too happy to write much about it. But fate had it that I should not write any more about the topic. When I finished writing the article and clicked the post button in my blogger, my browser crashed(Grrrrrr.....) and I lost all that I had written. :-( A day later, my machine also crashed. Fortunately, I was able to recover all my data. I keep wondering again and again why I am stuck to this dirty Windows operating system. I have also been using Solaris and Linux and have never seen these machines going down as often as windows. But still, every next day I see myself forced to boot up my Win2k machine due to dependencies. Well, I can't do much about this. At least let me show my frustration by linking to bill gates hate site and a windows hate site. There are hundrers of such sites in the net. Such sites are in bad taste for sure, but I can't help saying that they are fun too.



Last week, I had been to this beautiful place, Kemmannugundi., This is around 250kms from Bangalore. Read about the place in ourkarnataka website.The place is on the top of a hill, at the border of western ghats. It is at a fairly high altitude and has got some nice views around. Some waterfalls in the nearby areas are great to watch. We trekked at the hills around and visited a beautiful waterfall - 'Hebbe falls' nearby. Here is the picture of the waterfall, and a few more pictures. You can see full size pictures of the images here and some more images at Yahoo photos.

Hebbe waterfall

A view from the top

Just below the waterfall

A view of coffee estates

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