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:: Wednesday, January 02, 2002 ::

More on Yahoo and Internet

While surfing around today, I found a few interesting things about the web.
I found the list of all services that Yahoo offers on their website(See my weblog on Yahoo services dated 31/12/2001). The list is really really big.

Yahoo also figures in the list of Seven wonders of the web listed by the Guardian. The article that describes the sites in brief is good. It has some new sites that I had never heard of, such as Project Gutenberg. The project aims at storing books in electronic format and make it available free on the web. I am happy to see that Blogger, the website that hosts the tool I use for publishing this weblog is also listed as one of the seven wonders!

I learnt about the concept of webrings. It is a system where a large number of users mutually link up their sites to improve traffic. Though the concept is innovative, I am not sure if it really brings in any significat traffic.

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