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:: Wednesday, January 30, 2002 ::

I am realizing several limitations and problems that I am facing with my weblog.

The first thing and the biggest problem is the URL. The address of my weblog - www.geocities.com/arunchs/weblog/blogger.html is a bit too long. Hardly anyone gets to remember that. I realized that when lot of my friends complained that they can't recall the address. I am considering alternatives but I am not finding any. First thing that I thought of was moving from geocities to blogspot. Being a site exclusively for hosting weblogs, this has some advantages including providing an easy to remember address(such as arun.blogspot.com). But there are other problems. You have to be using blogger, and the site it is not very well extensible as a generic home page along with weblog. That means I would have to distribute my content across servers. I don't like it. And I am still not ready to buy space at a commercial hosting service and register my own url. I could do that may be a year ahead when I have a full blown website of mine. So still thinking what to do.

There are other simple problems that appeared due to my shortsitedness. :-( First thing is the title. When I opened my account in blogger, I generally gave a title so that I have to finish filling the form and thought of changing it later. I don't like this silly title and want to replace it with some thing pretty. I am not finding a good one though(suggest me). This is when I feel 'J' about Kamat's AnthaBLOGy, Anita Bora's just like that or Ashok Hegde's fullTP for having such nice titles for their weblogs. :-)

Also, all the links that point to a page within my site have absolute urls instead of relative urls. So if I have to move my site, I will have lot of re-editing of the pages to do. :-(

I started my weblog for just time pass. Now that I am getting addicted to blogging I will need to do things much better. :-). To make life easy for me in the long run, I am also planning to write a weblogging tool myself, like Kamat did. But that may take some time.

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